Tortoise eating gourd leaf

This Sonoran desert tortoise is eating a gourd leaf.

Desert Duet: Sonoran Desert Tortoise Resources

Informational Books:

Desert Babies A-Z by Bill Broyles, photographs by Paul and Joyce Berquist (Rio Nuevo, 2005)

The Desert Tortoise by Sue Fox (Two Mountains Press, 2002)

Desert Tortoises by Christopher Blomquist (PowerKids, 2004)

The Durable Desert Tortoise by Colleen Stanley Bare (Dodd, Mead, 1979) - This book is out of print but is available is some libraries.

Fiction Books:

From the Southwest Literature Web Site:

Another Tortoise and a Different Hare by Judith Cole, illustrated by Anke Van Dun (Treasure Chest, 1993)

Life in the Slow Lane: A Desert Tortoise Tale by Conrad Storad, illustrated by Nathanial P. Jensen (RGU Group, 2005)

The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit by Susan Lowell, illustrated by Jim Harris (Northland, 1994) - lesson plan available

Web Sites:

ASDM Sonoran Desert Digital Library for Kids: Search Reptiles for Desert Tortoise

ASDM Sonoran Desert Especially for Kids: "Animal Fact Sheet: Desert Tortoise"

Desert USA: The Ultimate Desert Resource: "Desert Tortoise"

Wikipedia: "Desert Tortoise"

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