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Desert Duets: Sonoran Desert Poems for Two Voices

This site supports elementary students' investigations into the animals featured in Desert Duets: Sonoran Desert Poems for Two Voices. On this site, readers will find information not found in my book of two-voice poems. The animals are organized by family: arachnids, birds, mammals, and reptiles. There are four pages for each animal: a general information page, a "babies" page, an activity page, and a resources page.

These pages are illustrated with photographs as well as students' drawings of the animals.The photographs on the site were taken by my husband Nick and me around our home, at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, or at the Tucson Wildlife Center, a rescue center that rehabilitates animals so they can be released back into the desert. Artist and art instructor Tracy Lynn Ross worked with students to create the artwork that currently appears on the site. In the future, photographs will be purchased or drawings created for animals not yet represented with images.

Educators are encouraged to use these pages in their curriculum. Together, classroom teachers and librarians can support students' interacting with the information and activities on this site and use the site as a springboard for learners' further investigations.


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