Two adult desert tortoises

This photograph was taken of our two oldest tortoises.
Both were given to us when their owners moved away from the Sonoran Desert.

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Many children and adults have misconceptions about desert tortoises. Even people living in the Sonoran Desert believe misinformation about this creature.

Using the resources provided, conduct research about the Sonoran desert tortoise.

Fill out this chart to create a game show to test your classmates' knowledge of this Sonoran Desert reptile. A sample has been done for you.

Possible Misunderstandings
True or False
Sonoran desert tortoises use teeth to gather and chew the plants they eat.
Desert tortoises do not have teeth. Instead, they have bony plates in the roof of their mouths that help them rip off pieces of plants. They use their tongues to push food down their throats.

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