Newborn Spadefoot with Paperclilp

This photograph of a newly developed spadefoot was taken by Jennifer Williams. The photo shows its size relative to a large paperclip.

Desert Duet: Couch's Spadefoot Resources

Informational Books:

Desert Babies A-Z by Bill Broyles, photographs by Paul and Joyce Berquist (Rio Nuevo, 2005)

The Secret World of Frogs and Toads by Jill Bailey (Raintree, 2004)

On the Southwest Children's Literature Web Site:

Dig Wait Listen: A Desert Toad's Tale by April Pulley Sayre, Illustrated by Barbara Bash (Greenwillow, 2001)

Fiction Books:


Web Sites:

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum: Couch's Spadefoot

Arizona Game and Fish Department Video: Spadefoot Toad

Reptiles of Arizona: Couch's Spadefoot (great photos and a recording of the spadefoot's call)

Wikipedia: "Couch's Spadefoot Toad"

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