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As you know, there are desert environments all around the world. Global Zoo has published a YouTube video called "The Spadefoot Toad" about spadefoots that live in the central deserts of Australia.

Watch the video and note the similar adaptations between the Australian spadefoot and the Couch's spadefoot that lives in the Sonoran Desert in North America.

Conduct a search to learn about other animals that are well-adapted to desert environments around the globe. Complete this matrix by yourself, with a partner, small group, or whole class.

Name of the Desert/Continent
Name the Animal
Central Deserts / Australia
Spadefoots can survive in hot, dry desert climates around the world. They burrow into the sand and remain underground until they hear thunder or rain. They come up to the surface to mate and eat and return underground when their water source dries up. If there is no rain, they can stay underground for years.
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