Photo of coyote pup

This coyote pup was rescued by the Tucson Wildlife Center.

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Coyote pups are born in April or May. There are one to ten puppies in a litter. Usually there are four to six. Coyotes live in a family group called a "pack." The pack includes a mating couple, the litter of pups, and grown-up pups from previous litters. All of the adult coyotes in the pack baby sit and care for the new pups.

The pups are born blind and helpless, but they grow up fast. They stay in the den where they are born for about two weeks or until their eyes open. They drink their mother's milk until that time. At two weeks, they begin to eat solid food that the adults in the pack give them by vomiting!

Pups get ready to hunt by playing tug-of-war, chasing, and fight games with their litter mates. They run in circles and chase their tails when they are looking for a playmate! When they are six weeks old, they begin to hunt by pouncing on insects. At seven weeks, they hunt and kill mice and lizards. At nine weeks, they go on hunting trips with other members of the pack. By the time they are just six months old, they can hunt on their own.

The Tucson Wildlife Center has charming photographs of coyote pups. Link to coyotes on their slideshow page.

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