Coyote behind prickley pear cactus

This photograph of a coyote was taken at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Desert Duets: Coyote Activity Page

Coyotes and dogs can interbreed. Their pups are called "coydogs."

Imagine that you are a coydog. (Your father is a coyote and your mother is a dog.) Pretend you have a choice to be a wild coyote or a tamed pet dog.

Write a letter to your coyote father or to your dog mother and tell him or her why you want to be a wild animal or why you want to be a pet.

  • Brainstorm your ideas before you begin writing.
  • Write a rough draft that includes at least three reasons for your choice.
  • Edit your letter and make a final copy.

If you want to share your letter on this Web page, email it to:

Send your work from an email address where you can receive a permission slip as an attachment. Your parent will need to sign and mail the slip. Classroom teachers can also submit class letters. Then, check back here to see if your letter has been posted.

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