Desert Duets: Bat Resources

Informational Books:

Bats by Margaret Dornfeld (Marshall Cavendish, 2005) - scientific illustration of bats' wings on page 11 (no specific information on the lesser long-nosed bat)

Bats by Julia Vogel (NorthWord, 2007) Lesser long-nosed bat photograph on page 36 and information on pages 11 and 37

Bats! Strange and Wonderful by Laurence Pringle, illustrated by Meryl Henderson (Boyd's Mills Press, 2000) - Lesser long-nosed bat illustration and brief information on page 10

Fiction Books (not specifically about lesser long-nosed bats):

Bat Loves Night by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies (Candlewick, 2001)

Desert Song by Tony Johnston, illustrated by Ed Young (Sierra Club, 2000)

Little Lost Bat by Sandra Markle, illustrated by Alan Marks (Charlesbridge, 2006)

Stellaluna by Janelle Cannon (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1993) - in Spanish - Stelaluna (Editorial Juventud, 2000)

Web Sites:

Bat Conservation International

The site includes an activity page called Kidz Cave and a page for educators.

Desert USA: The Ultimate Desert Resource: "Bats of the Desert"

Lesser Long-nosed Bat Study

The town of Marana, just north of Tucson, Arizona, is involved in a study to find out more about lesser long-nosed bats. On this page, you can find information about the bats and the study, including how to participate.

Wikipedia: "Lesser Long-nosed Bat"

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