Desert Duet: Sidewinder Resources

Informational Books:

Rattlesnakes by Deanne Durrett (Thomson-Gale, 2004)

Rattlesnakes by Doug Wechsler (Rosen, 2001)

Snakes and Reptiles of the Southwest by Erik D. Stoops and Annette Wright (Golden West, 2005)

Fiction Books:

Rattlesnake Dance by Jim Arnosky (Putnam, 2000)


Baby Rattlesnake told by Te Ata, adapted by Lynn Moroney, illustrated by Mira Reisberg (Children’s Book Press, 1989)

Web Sites:

Desert USA: The Ultimate Desert Resource: "Sidewinder"

Reptiles of Arizona: “Sidewinder”

Wikipedia: "Crotalus Cerastes"

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Updated: 15 July 2012