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In their mating ritual, the male giant desert hairy scorpion holds the female's pincers. They perform a dance, taking steps together and turning in circles, before mating. The female is larger than the male. If he doesn't get away fast after mating, he may be her next meal.

The female giant desert hairy scorpion gives birth to 25 to 35 live young at one time. She folds her legs to create a basket into which the babies are born. The mother pushes them up on her back and carries them there for ten to fifteen days before they take off on their own.

Scorpions grow by molting. They shed their outer skeleton, or exoskeleton, when they have grown too large for it. It takes about seven molts for the giant desert hairy scorpion to reach its adult size. These scorpions can live ten years or longer.


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