Peace Dove Drawing by Vanessa Lopez

This drawing was created by Vanessa Lopez.

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The dove has been used as a symbol for peace. Investigate how the dove earned this honor and then compose a poem or a paragraph about what you learned. Illustrate your work.

In addition to the links on the Mourning Dove Resources page, check out these links to build your background knowledge or to conduct your research.

Desert USA: "The Mourning Dove, A Classic Canyon Bird:" Myth and Religion

Wikipedia: "Peace Symbols"

Picasso Dove - A black-line drawing of the dove with an olive branch

Picasso Dove with Flowers - A drawing that includes flowers

Brainstorm exciting word choice and your ideas for your poem or paragraph on this category matrix.




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Notes: Educators who would like to do an extended study called Peace Poems and Picasso Doves can access a lesson plan from the Web site.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology sponsors a project in which students gather and share data about the birds living in their city. To find out more information, link to Celebrate Urban Birds.

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