Close up of orphaned baby javelina

This rescued baby javelina rests on a Tucson Wildlife Center volunteer's chest after bottle feeding.

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When baby javelinas are brought to a wildlife center, the volunteers must act as their mothers until the babies are old enough to join a herd. The babies are fed a special milk formula with a syringe. Sometimes the babies bite the syringe, but most baby javelinas quickly learn to suck the milk. Eventually, they learn to drink from a dish and then begin to eat vegetables.

Baby javelinas love to be held and cuddled. If they were separated from their mothers before they were weaned, they love to suck on people's fingers and ears. Just before the babies are old enough to join a herd, the volunteers stop touching and talking to the babies. It is important for javelina to understand they are wild animals that should not trust humans.

Isabella's painting shows a baby javelina traveling with a herd.

Isabella's javelina herd painting

In Arizona, javelina hunting season is January and February. As the babies are born year round, newborn and young javelina can be orphaned during this time of year. If you find an orphaned baby javelina in the desert, make sure to call a wildlife rescue center. Javelinas grow quickly, and like all wild animals, do not make good pets. Javelinas are also killed by cars and are involved in other accidents that result from sharing their habitat with people.


Baby javelina and stuffed animal with heartbeat

Most wildlife centers use a stuffed animal with a heartbeat sound to keep baby javelinas company.

When a wildlife rescue center has two or more babies at the same time, they're put together as soon as they are judged to be healthy. Even babies from different mothers immediately bond and comfort each other.

The Tucson Wildlife Center has charming photographs of baby javelinas. Link to javelinas on their slideshow page.

Two baby javelinas

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