Desert Duets: Black-tailed Jackrabbit Activity Web Page

Jackrabbits are hares and have different characteristics from cottontail rabbits. View the video that compares cottontail rabbits and jackrabbits on the Desert USA Web site.

Use the information from the video, the black-tailed jackrabbit information page on this Web site, and Wikipedia's Desert Cottontail Rabbit Web page to fill in the blanks below.

Determine the key word in each item and conduct a "find on this page" search for the answer. For example, in the first item "tail" is the key word.

Black-tailed Jackrabbits Desert Cottontail Rabbits
_____ color of tail _____ color of tail
_____ length of ears _____ length of ears
_____ name of young _____ name of young
Young are _________ from the beginning of their lives. Young are __________ when they are born.
_____ speed when running from predators _____ speed when running from predators

What is the most amazing fact you learned about jackrabbits or cottontails?

What are your unanswered questions?

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Updated: 26 March 2017