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The pepsis, a large wasp that is often called a "tarantula hawk," is the tarantula's worst enemy. When these two animals get together, the wasp is the predator; the tarantula is the prey.

Investigation: Facts

Fact #1: This wasp stings the tarantula to paralyze it.

Fact #2: Then it lays an egg on the tarantula and buries the spider alive.

Fact #3: When the egg hatches, the grub, or baby wasp, eats the tarantula's body.

Investigation: Questions

Question #1: Where do the tarantula and the pepsis share habitat?

Question #2: Do these wasps only pick on desert tarantulas?

Question #3: What are the enemies of tarantulas that live in other parts of the world?

Investigation: QuestionsInvestigation: Answers

You can find the answers to these questions by using the links on the Desert Tarantula Resources page.

Investigation: Your Turn

Link to the four sections of the Desert Duets Web site (below). Review the names and information pages for the animals that particularly interest you.

Choose an animal other than the desert tarantula.


Find out about that animal's enemies. List three facts that you learned.




List three questions you have about the predator or the relationship between the predator and the prey.




Conduct a further investigation to answer your questions.

Share your findings with your classmates.

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