Desert Duets: Chuckwalla Resources

Informational Books:

Amphibians, Reptiles, and their Habitats at Sabino Canyon by David W. Lazaroff, Philip C. Rosen, and Charles H. Lowe, Jr. (University of Arizona Press, 2006)

Efrain of the Sonoran Desert: A Lizard's Life Among the Seri Indians by Amalia Astrorga as told to Paul Nabhan, illustrated by Janet K. Miller (Cinco Puntos, 2001)

Lizards by Nic Bishop (Scholastic, 2010)

Lizards of the American Southwest: A Photographic Field Guide by Lawrence L. C. Jones and Robert E. Lovich, editors (Rio Nuevo, 2009)

Fiction Books:

From the Southwest Literature Web Site:

Lizards on the Wall
by Ken and Debby Buchanan, illustrated by Betty Schweitzer-Johnson

Web Sites:

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum: "Chuckwalla"

Desert USA: The Ultimate Desert Resource: "Chuckwalla" (This site includes a video.)

Wikipedia: "Chuckwalla"

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