Desert Duets: Cactus Wren Resources

Informational Books:

Habits of Desert Animals by Lynn M. Stone (Rourke, 1997)

In the Desert by Ann Dooper (Roberts Rinehart, 1997)

Fiction Books about Cactus Wrens:

The Cactus Wren and the Cholla/El reyezuelo y la cholla by Valier Chellew García, illustrated by M. Fred Barraza (Hispanic Book Distributors, 1997)

Desert Voices by Byrd Baylor, illustrated by Peter Parnall (Schribner, 1981)

Web Sites about Cactus Wrens:

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: All About Birds: "Cactus Wren"

Desert USA: "Cactus Wren"

NatureWorks: "Cactus Wren"

Wikipedia: "Cactus Wren"

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Updated: 18 January 2009