3-pawed bobcat

This photo of a three-pawed bobcat was taken in our backyard just outside the Tucson city limits.

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This photograph of a 3-pawed bobcat was taken in our backyard in Tucson. We also observed this bobcat walking without problems in the wash behind our back fence. This appears to be an old injury that has not affected the bobcat's ability to hunt.

Here are two activities to help you see what you've learned about bobcats.

1. Fill out this chart to show how bobcats and house cats are the same and how they are different. Write the ways they are the same in the middle. Write the ways they are different in the column under the animal's name. Be sure you are comparing like characteristics. A sample has been done for you.

Bobcat - Felis rufus
Domestic Cat - Suidae family
Ears don't swivel - turns head to hear better
Two ears - one on either side of head
Ears swivel

You can also download a Venn diagram from the Web and use it instead of the chart.

2. Create a timeline of a bobcat's life from birth to age one to show how its diet changes. Use ReadWriteThink.org's timeline tool. Use "age" as the unit and include birth, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and one year.

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