Male black widow

This photograph of a male black widow was taken by Jennifer Williams.

Desert Duets: Black Widow Spider Resources

Informational Books:

Black Widow Spiders by Jason Cooper (Rourke, 2006)

Black Widow Spiders by Louise Martin (Rourke, 1988)

Cannibal Animals: Animals that Eat Their Own Kind by Anthony D. Fredericks (Watts, 1999)

Hiss Rattle Slither by Darlene Kryza Hartigan, illustrated by Sylvia Saenz (AuthorHouse, 2007)

Fiction Book:

The Spider and the Fly based on the poem by Mary Howitt, illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi (Simon & Schuster, 2002). This book is not specifically about black widow spiders, but it's wonderful all the same.

Web Sites:

The Big Zoo: "Black Widow Spider"

Desert USA: "Black Widow Spiders"

Enchanted Learning: "Black Widow Spider" Diagram

National Geographic: "Black Widow Spider" (Includes a link to a video of black widow spiders mating - begins with a commercial)

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